Cüneyt Şenyavaş

Artist & Designer

The artist was born in 1978 in Bursa / Turkey. Completed his Bachelor’s education in Art Education at Uludağ University.

Worked as a lecturer in Graphic Department in Vocation School of Technical Science at the same university between 2002-2006. He established his own advertising agency ‘Mürekkep’ in 2004. And he is currently going on his bussiness life with a lot of significant trademarks in ‘Mürekkep’.

As well as  his advertising profession, he joined numerous national and international cartoon competitions and received a lot of awards in the field of cartoon, which loved since high school years.

He participated in many exhibitions so far and he was jury 4 times in cartoon competitions, 3 times in advertising competitions. Opened his first solo cartoon exhibition in 2005 in Bursa and at the same time he published his first cartoon book ‘Yazım çok çirkin / My spelling is very ugly’ with this exhibition.

He was the Head of  the Advirtisers Association between 2013-2015 and since 2007 he has been the Secretary General of Anatolian Cartoonists Association.

The artist is mostly doing watercolour. He is married and he has a daughter.

‘Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.’
Leonardo Da Vinvi